Custom Products

Custom Products

You dream it, we build it. Our team has years of experience working with clients to develop unique promotional concepts to help convey the perfect experience for our customers. We've developed trusted relationships with factories across the globe that allow us to deliver customized promotional products that fit your needs.

We'll work with you to create a concept, build protypes through to full delivery into your customers hands. We can supply a variety of custom products such as custom shaped giveaways, bags, electronics, awards and apparel. In partnership with your team, we can source, develop, and bring your ideas to life.

Learn how our Custom Products program can grow your business. Contact us today.

Case Study 1: Luxor Hotel and Casino

Client Name: Luxor Hotel and Casino

Client Challenge: Luxor Hotel and Casino wanted to create a unique souvenir keychain replace of their hotel to sell as a Idea in their gift shops.

Solution: Nitro Incentives utilized their design team to create a replica of their pyramid shaped hotel. The team even integrated a flashlight to represent the light that projects from the actual hotel. Nitro Incentives handled the design, prototype development and manufacturing.

Case Study 2: RQI division of American Heart Association

Client Name: RQI a division of American Heart Association

Client Challenge: RQI is a division of American Heart Association that conducts CPR training. They wanted a promotional item to market their services at industry trade events. They wanted a custom piece to that was unique to illustrate their services.

Solution: Nitro Incentives designed a created a custom shaped stress reliever represents the cart they use to conduct their training. As part of our process we designed a clay mold for client approval prior to going to production. Nitro Incentives handled concept development, design, prototype development and manufacturing.

Case Study 3: Focus Features Studio

Client Name: Focus Features Studio

Client Challenge: Focus Features Studio was about to release their new animated film ParaNorman in 2012. The movie opened with the character Norman brushing his teeth. The studio wanted a unique promotional item showing the monster from the film molded into a toothbrush handle. They wanted this item to promote the film within the industry and as a handout in select movie theaters.

Solution: Nitro Incentives designed and manufactured the ParaNorman themed toothbrush in conjunction with their office in China. The added challenge was that it needed to be manufactured to adhere to federal trade regulations as this was to used at a dental hygienic product in the United States. Nitro Incentives handled every aspect of design, federal approvals, and manufacturing to meet a very strict deadline.

Case Study 4: Eclipse Medical

Client Name: Eclipse Medical

Client Challenge: Eclipse Medical manufactures and distributes a MicroNeedling pen for skin revitalization for dermatologist and aesthetic practitioners. They needed a custom case for shipping and distributing the product to their clients. They also wanted this case to be high-quality with a protective foam insert that accommodated the device, accessories and charger.

Solution: Nitro Incentives helped to design a hard plastic; reusable case that included a custom fitted foam insert. The case features two layers of foam inserts to accommodate all of the components as well as a high-quality screen-printed logo on the outside cover. Nitro Incentives involved in all aspects of development from CAD design, prototype development, testing and manufacturing.